Digital Marketing Executive at Visapro

Create an integrated marketing program utilizing today’s new tools including PPC, SEO, YouTube, Facebook, Blogs, and other forms of social media with all the pieces working together

Manage website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) including landing pages, content, email marketing, newsletters, blogs, etc.

Conduct keyword discovery and generation using online tools, competitive research and analysis for keyword expansion and campaigns

Create successful conversion architecture and direct traffic to the conversion path

Conceptualize revolutionary marketing campaigns that are clutter-free and simple yet extremely emotionally powerful

Generate more leads with the online marketing programs than others in the company can keep up with the volume

Prepare and distribute weekly, monthly reports that analyze e-campaign results, site traffic, conversion rates, costs, revenue and pertinent efficiencies

Execute daily paid search campaign management and optimization in order to achieve optimum return and traffic volume

Be responsible for the successful implementation and growth of a set of online advertising campaigns


ideal candidate should possess:

Experience with SEO keyword research and development

Proficiency in SEO reporting, analytical tools and social media marketing

Ability to analyze raw data, draw conclusions, and develop actionable recommendations

Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Knowledge of or experience in the analysis of large data sets to find useful relationships (data mining)

Creative ability to develop innovative courses of action based on data analysis

Prior online marketing experience with an online or services company

VisaPro hires only the best and the brightest. If you feel that you are a match for VisaPro we invite you to join our team. You will be provided with excellent support while working in a team environment. VisaPro offers a competitive compensation package.

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