Opening for Social Media Marketing Manager in Hyderabad

Job description

 Opening for Social Media Marketing Manager in Hyderabad

Opening for Social Media Marketing Manager in Hyderabad


ReportGarden is one of the fastest growing SaaS startups in India with multiple products in Adtech domain.

Job brief:

We are looking for an experienced Social Media Specialist, with a proven record in creating high traffic pulling / lead generating social media campaigns.


  1. Set up a clear repeatable process for scaling the Social Media marketing efforts.
  2. Train & groom a team of Social Media Marketing Specialists
  3. Handle all social media related activities like target customer engagement, community management, content promotion, influencer outreach etc..
  4. Experience in creating high-traffic campaigns across various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ etc.
  5. Build a data-driven marketing team to run profitable campaigns across various Social channels.
  6. Implement Social Media Management & Optimization Tools into the process
  7. Explore better marketing tools for tracking, scheduling & funnel lifecycle tracking
  8. Conduct multiple new short-term & long-term Social Media experiments with a dedicated budget and monitor the outcomes
  9. Scale all the successful experiments to get continuous incoming leads
  10. Understand market and competitor analysis and form strategies around them
  11. Plan ahead in terms of hiring, budgeting and implementing new tools & processes
  12. Plan & manage a Community & blogger outreach program
  13. Create and maintain a social media editorial calendar and posting schedule
  14. Develop benchmark metrics to measure the results of social media programs

Required skills:

  1. 2+ years hands-on experience across various Social Media marketing channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.).
  2. Experience in B2B Social marketing is a plus.
  3. Should be good with tools like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Buffer etc.
  4. Up to date on the latest improvements, techniques and opportunities in the Social Media
  5. Experience in analysing data across multiple platforms and providing insights for improving scale/efficiency.
  6. Strong quantitative skills, including analytical abilities

About Company

ReportGarden helps online ad agencies create analysis and performance reports for their clients. We do this by linking with their adwords, analytics, bing ads accounts using APIs and loading data into their reports. Our product offers deep segmentation and filtration of the data from all the ad services(Adwords, Analytics, etc).

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